LibreSSL is a FREE version of the SSL/TLS protocol forked from OpenSSL

At the moment we are too busy deleting and rewriting code to make a decent web page. No we don't want help making web pages, thank you.

Check back here soon for updates.


For OpenBSD

For other OS's

  • LibreSSL Portable can be found in the LibreSSL directory of OpenBSD mirror sites (the master is at
  • Caution - LibreSSL depends on certain intrinsic functions for security. If your OS provides these functions (e.g. arc4random, calloc, issetugid, getentropy etc.), LibreSSL will assume the provided implementation is robust and use it. It is beyond the scope of the LibreSSL project to validate third party implementations. Issues with OS provided intrinsic functions need to be addressed by the target OS.
  • We have a github repository clone as libressl-portable on github for the curious. This is a copy of the working respositories which are not maintained on github.
  • LibreSSL Presentation by Bob Beck from BSDCAN 2014
  • Please note, we still need a Stable Commitment of Funding to support an increased development and porting effort.

LibreSSL is primarily developed by the OpenBSD Project, and its first inclusion into an operating system will be in OpenBSD 5.6.

LibreSSL is supported financially by The OpenBSD Foundation as well as by the The OpenBSD Project. Please consider donating to support our efforts.